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took me ten years to fix my glovebox...

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Joe Frickin' Friday

My 2009 R1200RT turned ten years old this week.  Over all those years I've quietly but continuously grumbled about the glovebox.  Not only is it much smaller than the one on my '99 R1100RT, it's made with extremely sharp edges on the inside, presumably parting lines for the mold in which it was made.  Every damn time I stuck my hand in there to grab something, I was guaranteed to get my hand sliced to shreds.  


So this week I had the glovebox off of the bike.  Last fall I had installed a pair of USB charging ports, but I put it in a bad spot that interfered with steering movement, so I was finally implementing a permanent fix, i.e. plugging the old hole and making a new one in a better spot.  For access, I ended up removing the right-hand face of the glovebox (four screws, easy-peasy), and that's when it occured to me that I could attack those damnable sharp edges with a hand file and some sandpaper.  Holy Crap, why didn't I do this 9.9 years ago???  


If your hexhead RT has the same problem mine did, I highly recommend making this change the next time you've got the bike apart for maintenance.  The glovebox comes off of the bike easily with three attachment screws on the right side, and the right face of the glovebox likewise comes off easily with four screws.  Go to town on that thing with a rat-tail file and some sandpaper, and you'll never again worry about getting cut up when you reach for something in the glovebox.

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This was already on my list of things to do to my new bike. The first time I stuck my hands in that box I cut myself. I was thinking of the the same thing to do that you just outlined, good to hear that it works.

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