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Front end "warble"


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Ever since I put on the latest Dunlop Roadsmart III on the front of my bike (about 2k+  ago), I've noticed a "warble" at 75-80+.  Not every time but it makes for a funny feeling at that speed.  The steering feels extremely loose.  I've pulled the wheel, re-balanced yet still feels the same.  I've adjusted air pressure up/down, still feels the same,.....could it be an actual bad tire?  Jacking it up and spinning, I don't see any wobbles or side to side motion......I just know it doesn't feel right.

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As Indy says, always START with what you've changed.  That leaves the possibility open that it's not actually related to the change, but I would really doubt that.

Yes, it could be a bad tire.  If the balance is good (if you balanced it yourself I assume that's a static balance), then it could be some sort of tread separation problem.  IF IF IF that was the case, you could have a catastrophic tire failure, and that would be bad - very very bad.  If you can't see anything wrong with the tire under close inspection, I'd take it to a place with a spin balancer.  Sometimes they can see problems like that when they spin the tire up on the balancer.

Of course, since you were in there changing the tire, it's always possible that you reassembled something wrong, but I don't know what that could be.

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Interesting, I have a new Roadsmart III just mounted on my 07 RT. I noticed that wobble feeling going across a causeway bridge that is not exactly the most smooth. I was going about 70-75. Very uneasy feeling. Been across this roadway many times no issues. Had PR 4 GT prior.

That said, I have a couple hundred miles on the front tire and so far love it. Handling in turns is very neutral. 


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