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Just blew its top on the fuel pump, leaking all over.  Last time they fixed the RT gratis, we’ll see this time.

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beemer chuck

If it is the plastic disconnect above the reinforcement collar that broke, you can get a metal replacement from Beemer Boneyard. Your dealer will want to replace the pump assembly, which will still have that plastic fitting. I have replaced 3 of these that broke after dealers installed the steel reinforcing collars during the recall campaign. Why BMW used that plastic part instead of the metal one makes no sense at all. 

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Not under the recall.   Expensive.  


A local shop replaced my 06' RT fuel pump under the recall without charge, not lucky this time.   Same shop, decent people.

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During the recall campaign, they fixed the issue by putting a reinforcement ring on my 07. (it was cracked but not leaking at the time)

2 yrs ago it started leaking. I brought it back to the dealer and they replaced the pump assembly at no charge.


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