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For those of you who have been part of this group you may remember a David E.B. Smith.  EB as he is know was a bmwrt.com member back then and also rode several Iron Butt rallys back in the late 1990s/2000s and some of our group may have supported him along the way.  I stumbled across EB on the ibmwr.org list where he announced the "Butt Lite" rally for 2020 - the 10th one.  Anyway the event looks like a great opportunity for aspiring IBA rally riders to try something a bit tamed down first so i thought I'd announce it here.  Basically it's 5 1000+ mile days instead of 10 days so this is no slouch, but still achievable.  This is the website if anyone is interested...and EB says HI!






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I had seen some emails on this from another site.  This is the last one they are hosting.  For a long time I thought about trying for this or the big one, but then did a couple of smaller ones and realized that after 2-3 days of that pace I was toast, so the desire soon faded.   Just as in one of my other hobbies, golf, there is a large gap between a single digit handicap, a scratch golfer and a tour player.  These guys are the tour players of the long distance riding community.  I have a lot of respect for the riders that can do this for the duration of these rallies.



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Thanks Dave.

Yes, he certainly was one of the riders that highlighted the Iron Butt.

Vicariously followed them and we had a meet and greet at one of the checkpoints up here in the panhandle. Saw some really wild stuff. Folks getting off moving bikes, forgetting to put sidestand down, inscriptions on windshields reminding rider to do 1, 2, 3, 4...philosophical quotes, pictures of family, and everything from a Honda 50cc to brand new rockets. EB brought a POV wrt long distance riding that few can understand or truly appreciate.

11-12-13-14,000+ miles in 11 days, with points for "side trips" that might be a long ride away, all within timed parameters.

Anyone who has a chance to go see the participants at a checkpoint should do so, IMO.

I've done six, 1,000 mile days, in a 9 day stretch, with the GT





on a trailer.


Hats off to the riders, safe travels.


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