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Refugee from the Neighbor's Ranch

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So I'm inside the house relaxing while my wife and her sister are riding horses in the arena and pasture. I get a telephone call from my wife informing me she could use some help. 

I go out and find that my sister-in-law has left and a 12 hour old calf has scooted under the fence I share with my neighbor and is cowering in a corner in another part of the pasture; chased there by one of the horses. 

I scooped him up to take him back to his mama but my wife couldn't resist taking the photo. He's very cute.

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18 hours ago, Red said:

Put your brand on him.  Estray livestock, no brand, finders keepers.  Mom is probably beside herself.


Except I don't want him, cute as he is.  Besides, my wife named him and once you do that, you have a hard time making steaks out of him when he grows up.  

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Yessir, once you name 'the farm animal' they are pets for life.  I bought 25 layers once.  My wife named about a dozen of them.  Petted them.  Held them.  They followed her around the place like the pied piper.  We had a steel sided R19 insulated, solar heated, double wall glazed picture window coop.  Only lacked running water and toilets.  Nothin but the best for those chickens.  Chickens live a long long time.  

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1 hour ago, Wacky Rider said:

You don't name things you might have to eat.

My nieces & nephews raised a few cows for 4-H.  They named everyone of them.

McDonald, Wendy and Arby.


McDonald's for dinner tonight! 

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