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Denali lights


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I have a set of Denali lights including driving lights and tail lights.  After 6 months of use with no problem, they just quit working.  I spoke with Denali and they said I probably needed a firmware update.  Whoda thunk you needed to update firmware for your light to work.  I downloaded the update and wa-la, they work again.  Times are changing!!

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Very interesting.  I just put a set on our GS's using a canSmart unit.  From what I saw of the light harness, I didn't think there was a usb-port/connector anywhere on it.


Was it the data dim device that had the firmware or is there some other controller with your lights? 

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I do not have the CanSmart module for direct comparison,but the Hex EzCan from which it is based has a USB port on the module itself,to allow for programming,upgrades.



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The basic Denali light kit would not have the CanSmart (a rebranded version of the EzCan).  The original post indicated a light failure but I don't think he indicated the presence of the controller.  A needed firmware update would likely not cause a light failure, I'd suspect a wiring issue.


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The lights themselves have no update option that I have ever seen,only the CanSmart controller is  firmware upgradeable via USB port.

Yes the OP does not specify,but he states he has a full system including brake light,so I am guessing he has an integrated system with CanSmart controller.


The OP can hopefully chime in and tell us how he upgraded.



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