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I know we have some members who partake in track events.  Let's see what you ride now or in the past.


I didn't buy the Ducati Monster for the track, but it ended up there on several occasions.


Next came the Honda Fireblade which was purchased with the track in mind...amazing power.


The KTM RC390 was also purchased for track use...light weight with great handling.


The latest, a Triumph Daytona 675, was picked up about a year ago.  It took a few minor modifications to make it more track-friendly, and the results have been very satisfying. 


The final picture is a vanity shot from a Spring Mountain Motorsports in Pahrump, NV a couple of weeks ago..   


duc 002-crop.JPG



IMG_6820 cr.jpg


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Now you didn't say what kind of track. :grin: The # 343 was a tribute to the 343. This was my second round of dirt racing and it was in 2013. The first round was in the mid eighties when I was obviously much younger. (ended the same way with injuries) (but you forget the bad)  You may or may not remember the story but ten days spent in the hospital & three months of recovery was enough to smack some sense (some :grin:) into my head. 


Edit...maybe the smack was a bit harder than I thought. The trophy pic was 2009, We raced the 2009 & 10 season and skipped 11 & 12. Back at it in 13 which proved to be unlucky.








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What I have on my computer


Top - TZ250 -  favorite motorcycle. Period.

Bottom - TZ125 - great fun

2 strokes smoke, 4 strokes choke



SV650 - used for endurance racing - 6 months to build - 350lbs, 80 hprightbare.JPG.cca9e3c10e134708615aa902b12794e0.JPGrightfull.JPG.93323ced127adfcb81e9b0fe7f1b71cd.JPG





There were others (raced for 29 years), no pictures on this computer.

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I alternate taking my old, high mileage R90s and my slightly newer R1150RT to the track. I've had the R90s at Grattan and Mid-Ohio and the RT has only made it to Grattan.


I'm usually the slow guy but I'm not there to race, rather to work on my everyday skills, which I believe have kept me safe all these years.





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I wish I had pics.  Right now, I've got a '13 ZX6r with horrible bodywork, and a KTM 1290 SDR that's a handful on the short track that I go to.


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