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Well, my trusty 96 R1100RS is going to be heading for Craigslist.  Tuesday I will pickup my new-to-me 36k mile 2009 Biarritz Blue R1200RT.  I'm used to doing all my own work (even tires), but CANBUS is brand new to me, so that will be an adventure.  ESA, heated seats, cruise control - these are also brand new to me.  So, like every new member, I'll be counting on the hive mind for help when I find a hole in my knowledge while dealing with this new bike.

The bike is in very nice shape with all records, the rear diff recall done, the big top case, GS mirrors, front fender extension, Wilber's lowered (1-1/2") ESA shocks, and nice PIAA lights that were over the front wheel that he pulled off when he lowered it, so I'll be looking for those brackets that fit under the mirrors to remount those.  I'm also debating with myself about what RAM mount will best work with the RT.

Years ago I spent a lot of time over at Boxerworks with this handle (in fact that's where I received this handle).  My first Beemer was an R50/2 - virtually identical technology to the RT.   ;-) 


Edit: As per Hopz's suggestion, I am in Carson City, NV and work in South Lake Tahoe, CA.


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Welcome to the Board Major... I gently suggest you add to your announcement where you are- generally. You might find some new ride buddy's.

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Welcome and glad to have another new member who has been around the boxer bikes a long time with lots accumulated knowledge to share. 


Haha - you are right that the technology had been evolutionary from the slash series up through the 2013 RT.  That's not a bad thing as the familiarity was somehow comforting when I bought an Oilhead and realized it had the same DNA as my R75/5.  Comforting in many ways and already familiar with many idiosyncrasies.  I was a little off put when I moved to a CANbus bike as well, but once I bit the bullet and bought a new tool called a laptop and a 911 interface  it got me back to being able to do the familiar maintenance work. Your '09 RT is just your is the great great grandson  of the /2 with a big 'ol brain.

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Welcome! :bike:

You might check out this LINK for your light brackets. 

There aren't many manufactures for the brackets.  Also check  SW-Motech.

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Welcome aboard.  I sold my 96 last spring and bought a 2018 RT.  I'm not into tech and I do so miss my 96.  I've told many that if I could buy a new 96 today, I'd do it.  It did everything right.  You could work on it.  And a nice looker as well.  I suppose I'll figure out all this tech sheet some day.  

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Welcome to the family. Happy to have you here and look forward to some ride reports with pics!  Without pics it didn't happen. :classic_biggrin:

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