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Why, on a new purchase do people congratulate the buyer?  It’s not a massive achievement and if anyone deserves congratulations it should be the salesperson for making the sale. Maybe this is a carryover from when financing was unobtanium or something.


I see congratulations given for real achievements “congratulations on popping out the new kid”, “congratulations on summiting mt Everest”, “congratulations on returning from space” “congratulations on surviving the beltway on a Friday during rush hour in the rain on a bike” but not on a new/used vehicle purchase or a home purchase,..... doesn’t make sense to me as in my mind, it’s not an act of achievement. 

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A way of expressing your happiness for the other person's happiness on their new purchase, big or small. i.e.  "I'm happy for you" :dontknow:


I sense you may not be a believer in the "everyone gets a trophy" mindset.  :grin:

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3 hours ago, TEWKS said:


I sense you may not be a believer in the "everyone gets a trophy" mindset.  :grin:

You be correct

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John Ranalletta

Have the same thought about birthdays.  Did you have a choice?  Are we celebrating you didn't experience the Darwin effect?  


It's like Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's Days - excuses to drink and party.  


Never needed an excuse.

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1 hour ago, John Ranalletta said:

Have the same thought about birthdays.  Did you have a choice?  


This man seems to think something along those lines. :jaw:  Maybe in this case congratulations aren’t required but a “did you get the fetus’ permission to birth it?”

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I felt that way when our son was born - that part was easy (for me at least...); I figured people should save the congratulations for when we'd kept him alive a year, or got him through high school...

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Because the use of congratulations is not limited to massive achievements?



 [PLURAL] MAINLY SPOKEN used for telling someone that you are pleased about their success, good luck, or happiness on a special occasion.


Above definition seems to fit the purchase of a motorcycle for most people.

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On ‎4‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 6:26 AM, Living the Dream said:

I see congratulations given for real achievements. . . but not on a . . . a home purchase,.....

In California, purchasing a home deserves some congratulations.  It's not like it's an every day achievement; not just a "oh I think I'll buy something today" kind of thing.. .. ..   Buying a home here is a pretty real achievement (at least in my mind)

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I saved up for almost ten years to buy my first BMW RT-P.  I worked a lot of extra shifts and jobs to help save up the funds to acquire said machine that I had my eyes on for close to 5 years prior.  I understand the logic of what you are saying, yet when someone achieves a goal they have been working on for many years, why not say congrats?

Just my way of pondering



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