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I need a knife sharpener


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I am in need of a knife sharpener for my kitchen knives, what are you using that works?


(Insert Crocodile Dundee meme here)

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Smith's Pocket Pal , about $9.00.  Simple, gets the job done quickly.   Works great on our Wusthof and Henckels knives, even sharpened the  serrated steak knives.  I use all sorts of stones, papers and guides for my woodworking tools and really did not expect much from something so basic when I got this as a gift.  The Coarse carbide side gets a rough blade in shape, the Fine ceramic side is used thereafter to keep the blade sharp with a couple strokes every now and then. Paper-thin tomato slices are no problem. (I have not used the diamond rod yet).  You can spend a lot more on some very fancy equipment, but this gets the job done nicely and takes up very little space in the utensil drawer.

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The Idahone units are nice.  Ceramic.




For a truly maintenance free sharpener, you can't go wrong with DMT.  Your grandkids will be using them long after you're dead.




I've also got a lansky kit.  While it does a nice job, it's just to fiddly for my tastes.  I've had it for decades, but I think I'll put it on ebay soon.


On the other hand a friend of mine showed me a trick his grand dad taught him.  Works surprisingly well.  $0.00



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I love a sharp knife, but I never get the angles right. So, I finally went with this unit and it gives two angles which makes the edge last a long time.  Super sharp ever time!





They have a newer unit the supersedes this one and I would imagine it is better, faster!

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23 hours ago, Antimatter said:

Top of a car window works well, also.  And is pretty cheap. 


Heh heh heh,  there's a few guys I know, who would nut up if I took a knife to their car windows...  :-)

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