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KTM 790 Adv


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The mental math is being computed (my math anyhow) as I type. One WR 250 plus $$ $$$ $$$$ Oh, come on!! :4617:


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have a friend back in Des Moines who has his 2012 Super Tenere' on trade waiting for this scoot to come in.


He is a big orange guy.

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39 minutes ago, hANNAbONE said:

He is a big orange guy.


Now, I thought the orange guys were a bit short in stature? :dontknow: He does seem very excited though. :thumbsup: :grin:


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3 hours ago, lawnchairboy said:

Hubba Hubba.


Sure looks nice and 100lbs lighter than GS.  We shall see. 


Which GS?  :P


the real crime in BMW is the 1250GS is listed at 549lbs ready to ride but the 850GS is 538lbs ready to ride, what they do, fill the frame with cement?



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