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i tRADED my beloved 2012 Yamaha Supa10 for this beautiful RedHead .... 2018 Yamaha MT-09 triple mill, sub 400#, almost 120 hp



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I bought a new 2017 Yamaha FZ-07 just after the 2018's came out for a song. I love the bike. I upgraded the suspension, new exhaust and air intake, ECM flash and now have about 85hp on a 397 lb wet rocket. What a blast to ride in the twisties and the occasional track day.

yamaha (Medium).jpg

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Ah - you have the twin MT-07.


I didn't have a chance to ride one of those.


I had my sights set on the triple MT-09 or the 4 plunger MT-10.


I had an opportunity to ride brand new ones back to back and felt the MT-09 was a better performer for the money, than the MT-10.


It has a flatter hp & torque curve than the MT-10 - flippin' thing just pulls and pulls...no dips.


Albeit, the MT-10 had a better suspension, better brakes, better small things like LED blinkers, Cruise Control, Quick Shifter etc....

All that for about +$4000 more...uh - no.


I did set my suspension already and plugged on new Proton500 LED blinkers, found a no touch tank bag by GIVI which I will electrify and run

Phone and Radar power from.

I did find a rear bag that is fit on also - easy on easy off.


No side luggage, nor will I attempt to fit it - hec, if I was thinking of that I shoulda just picked up a new Tracer.


Congrats on the MT-07...looks terrific.!!


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7 hours ago, Paul De said:

I've been sweet on Yamaha bikes for a while now, and this post is't helping my budget discipline...


I almost traded my super sweet Supa10 up @ West Bend, WI - actually there were a coupla different dealerships that had bikes I was interested in.


Of course they all wanted to see and hear and ride MY Supa10 trade -- so there were no good travel days for me to get it there.


I did end up trading @ Ebensburg, PA @ Ebensburg Yamaha. Their no dicker pricing is the nuts...and they gave me exactly the trade difference

via email we had agreed on. Course my trade was everything I said it was too.


Good folks up there. You might discover they have the best pricing, if that matters to you.

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well...not sure.


But when we do - you need to ride the thing.


Holy WOW is it a torque monstah.!!

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On 3/24/2019 at 4:35 AM, hANNAbONE said:

i tRADED my beloved 2012 Yamaha Supa10 for this beautiful RedHead .... 2018 Yamaha MT-09 triple mill, sub 400#, almost 120 hp




Yup.  Looks good on ya.  So what are you going to tour on or are you planning to adapt it to cross country travel? And what are we going to use when we need to set down our beer?

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Welp, My wife put the screws to my 2 day 1800 mile romps alone to Colorado from Indiana. So a trailer was spoken about as was a lighter mobike. Enter rEDhEAD. The trailer will be forthcoming maybe this summer. Probably a light, open version of the Aluma MC210, 2 place trailer. Subaru propelling bike and trailer to all points westbound. AC comfort and even camping possibilities in the rear. So it's a win win. Lighter bike to hoon, get there refreshed rather than beat, bring all the gear I need to. A real different turn from what has been, but a good one just the same. No idea why this is striking my words here.

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