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Happy I didn't join the kale revolution

John Ranalletta

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12 minutes ago, Danny caddyshack Noonan said:

Last time I checked, bacon didn't have that problem.


I'll take bacon any day over over kale. 

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Joe Frickin' Friday

I've never been impressed by the Dirty Dozen list.  There will always be twelve types of produce that have more pesticide residue than all the rest - even if those twelve have residue levels that are perfectly safe.  Which is to say that the DD list, by itself, doesn't really provide consumers with any actionable information.


In point of fact:



The list continues to be criticized as scare tactics and a 2011 study showed that all of the items on the list have safe levels of chemical residue or none at all.


A 2011 analysis of the USDA's PDP data by Steve Savage found that 99.33% of the detectable residues were below the EPA tolerance and fully 1/2 of the samples were more than 100 times below.


Even the rep for EWG (promoter of the DD list) had this to say:


"It’s important to note that eating an assortment of fruits and vegetables is key for a healthy diet, and we recommend that all people should consume more fruits and vegetables whether they are conventional or organic," Burns says.


I'm not going to turn down bacon, but I'm not going to hide from kale, either. 


I will also not hide from good kale jokes.


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