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Anybody heading to Alaska this year?

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...  let me know if I can help with planning or arrangements.  I live in Anchorage, and have a house I’m building near big Lake, about 70 miles north of Anchorage.   And a remote cabin about two hours into the wilderness. 


 Also, let me know if anyone is interested in riding to Alaska, flying home, and selling me a midsized (700-900) dual-sport bike.  I have an RT that I keep in the lower 48, and would like to have a smaller bike in Alaska. 



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On 3/14/2019 at 8:26 PM, szurszewski said:



I heard a rumor maybe a couple years ago that maybe someone might have been thinkng of heading north this summer....


yeah, this was the year.....but, life is getting in the way.  we do have something shorter planned, not as far north.

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42 minutes ago, greiffster said:


yeah, this was the year.....but, life if getting in the way.  we do have something shorter planned, not as far north.

Corvette museum?

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Hi Ken. I've got a plan in the works to go up to Alaska this year. Thinking of leaving after Labor Day and heading to Fairbanks via the AlCan Hwy.

I thought I would mosey down to Anchorage and then head to Juneau. I haven't firmed up all of the details for that part of it.

I have an RT so I can't help you out with a smaller bike.

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Hi John,

I'd recommend doing some research on weather conditions that time of year.  Alaskans generally consider summer to be 10 weeks long, starting at the end of May and ending in August.  Weather has been warming significantly in recent years, and last September was very nice.  But I think you'd be likely to encounter a lot of rain, and possibly snow at higher elevations that time of year.  I don't think I'd plan such a trip after the end of July, unless you're OK with rain.  August is considered to be rainy, especially near the end of the month.


Also, you know that you can't drive to Juneau.  To get there, you'd probably drive to Haines, then take the Alaska ferry to Juneau -- then the ferry back out of Juneau.  And with a new Republican governor, vital government services are being cut left and right.  And it sounds like the Alaska Marine Highway (the ferry) may be shut down.


I'd be happy to help with recommendations and arrangements if there's anything you need.

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Thanks Ken. A few years ago on the forum someone else posed the question of the best time to go to Alaska. The respondent, I don't remember who, suggested after labor day since the weather was still passable and there were fewer vacationers. He also noted the mosquitoes were fewer. But I will reconsider now that I heard what you had to say.

Since I'm retired, when I leave isn't that big a deal for me. Let me ponder this for a bit. Perhaps ill leave in June...?

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Know a buddy and I rode there in June and it was perfect but Ken can provide more. Remember we had a little ice in the early mornings but that just thins the herd (and tour buses) on the Icefields Parkway.  We had rain on about 20% of the days at most. Longest days of the year and you’ll love every bit of it. 

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Thanks for the replies. I have a friend who wants to go, but we were talking about September. I'll have to broach the date change and see if he can go in late May, early June.

More to come.

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Generally June and July are the sunniest months. July is probably a little warmer than June, but you never know the weather you’ll get.


 And if you’re going to be camping or going into the wilderness, mosquitoes can be an issue. They are probably worse in July. But they normally don’t bother me. 


 Here’s a link to a good resource for info: https://www.themilepost.com/.  One must on the trip, in my opinion, is Liard Hot Springs, in Liard provincial park.  It’s about 300 miles north of Fort Nelson BC. It’s about a half mile walk on a boardwalk back into the woods to a beautiful Hot Springs, with changing rooms and I think there’s camping in the park. 

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