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Quiet flip-up helmet


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Due to skin cancer surgery on my nose I am looking at getting a quiet flip-up helmet with the interior flip up dark lens so I don't bump my nose putting on a traditional full face. 

I have no experience with flip-ups.  I do like a very quiet, well vented and very high quality helmet. Any recommendations would be most welcome.   


Thanks,  Francis

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My Shoei Neotec is pretty quiet.  I have a theory that the better the venting the more noise.  All full face helmets I've used had more noise than I cared for and more than I think is healthy long term.  My solution is find a brand of 32 Db earplugs that fit you comfortably and use whatever helmet fits you the best.

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I was a little embarrassed to mention (no I wasn't :grin:) how much I like my cheap HJC flip up but now I found redemption in this vid! :yes: Granted the more $ model makes the grade.


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Test ride the Schuberth modular. 

They have always been very quiet and they vent well too. 

Some of the previous models are available at a price reduction but the size and color choices are limited. 

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My wife is on her second Schuberth.  The first was a C3 and the newest is a C4 with the built-in speakers and microphone.  She loves the helmets but the Sena for the C4 sucks.  I finally got it to work, the battery is loose in the compartment and would cause the unit to shut off.  Sena and Schuberth were no real help, I finally shimmed it with some plastic and it seems to work.  There are some really good prices on the C4 right now.    


I had a Schuberth C3 for awhile but really didnt like the feature where the faceshield closes at 35MPH.  I like to crack my shield and just wasent able to make that work on the Schuberth.  Just bought a Neotech II, Ive had Shoei helmets forever but this will be my first modular outside of the C3.  Havent put it on yet but the reviews seem positive.    

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Hi Mike and thanks for the feedback.  I have tried Schuberth for full face but I am more of an Arai head shape in full face gear. From the reviews their new variety of shell sizes may fit my shaped head.

I like the integration of the com gear into their offering.


From other posts above and reading the reviews the Neotec II may be the choice. Shell shape, quietness and the ability to add the com gear I like may point me in that direction. Will look forward to your

riding experience with the Neotec II as the season opens up.

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I've been riding with the Neotec II since the spring. It is a well-made and comfortable helmet, but my experience is that the noise level, like every other helmet I've owned, is dreadful. I believe that this is due in part to the airflow over the windshield hitting the helmet at eye level. The Sena integrated intercom is a nice feature, and has slightly better audio quality than the Nolan N-104 I was using previously. I had high hopes for the Sena noise-cancelling helmet, but the reviews weren't very flattering. The Shoei is a safe bet. 

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Hi and thanks for your observations. I ride my current full face Arai with ear plugs. I have read articles that say that a small flip-shield mounted on top of the wind shield can deflect enough air to 

help quiet down helmet noise. Haven't tried it so do not know if this is true.  It at least sounds plausible. 

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The C3 had a no cost upgrade where they would send you new side shield bits with stronger detents to keep the shield up. 

thats a very old upgrade program they had so I don’t know if they still offer it or have the parts . 

I installed a few but likely they were mostly for riders who heard about it on the internet and suddenly develeloped the problem . 

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7 hours ago, Tri750 said:

The C3 had a no cost upgrade where they would send you new side shield bits with stronger detents to keep the shield up. 

thats a very old upgrade program they had so I don’t know if they still offer it or have the parts . 

I installed a few but likely they were mostly for riders who heard about it on the internet and suddenly develeloped the problem . 


I added one o-ring from my junk box to the pivot of my C3 to fix the problem.  My newer C3 Pro has always stayed open. 


Schuberths have a reputation for being quieter than most helmets, I can't provide a comparison to other brands as I've worn Schuberth for 35 years.


I still will not ride without hearing protection.

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I had a Schuberth a few helmets back.  I liked it but it seemed heavy.  I got a Nolan (N103) when the Schuberth aged.  I liked the Nolan for fit and lightness.  I liked the sun shield a bit better on the Schuberth but the Nolan isn't bad.  When that one aged out, I replaced it with another Nolan (N104); they seem to work for me and the cost is reasonable.  My N104 is about 4 years old now and I usually replace them about every 5 years, so I'll be looking again next year.  I don't know what models Nolan has now but I hope there is something comparable to the 104.


Good luck with your search; let us know what you end up with

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Thanks Scarecrow. I too had a Schuberth and found the shell shape not well suited to my head shape. The Arai Corsair ended up fitting well and has a lot of happy miles on my head.

I'll keep the group posted on my progress.

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I have an HJC- works great, very comfortable. Built-in visor. and... it is very quiet. I just sits there in it's own bag waiting patiently for the next ride and does not make a sound.

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This may not be much help, but the Schuberth C3 had 2 big fitment problems, one an actual foam casting issue    that made it into production and lasted until the C3 Pro came out. 

The chin strap pivots were set too far back for the American market and those with heavier jowls had the double chin strap cut into the neck.

The biggie was the curious "knob" of foam right in front of the top vent above the riders forehead that gave many riders a big red spot from abrasion and contact.  

No matter what size adjustment one made, it just didn't "fit" 

I started shaving this lump off and covering the bare area with a square of the fuzzy side of Velcro for those who had the complaint. 

I did probably 25-30 of them over time. 

At an open house we had where the Schuberth rep was present, he had a guy reading his beads off about it and had no fix to offer. 

I told them about the problem and fix I had and they both watched me plane off the foam etc. 

its an area about the size of a half dollar but enough for big discomfort. 


The rep took pictures and sent them to the mother ship in SoCal along with my fix .

When the C3 Pro came out the strap pivots were moved forward for neck clearance and the "agony acorn" was gone. 

Those who had such an issue might try a Schuberth to see if things have improved for them fit-wise. 

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A day late and a dollar short, but here's my unsolicited 2 cents.


I have always worn full face helmets (HJC, Shoei and Arai) and the NeoTec ( v1) is significantly louder than the cheapest full face I have ever worn.  I could get away with a quick jaunt in a Shoei or Arai full face without earplugs, I will not even consider it with the NeoTec.  Now, that being said, I'm aware the NeoTec II has been significantly revamped to minimize wind noise compared to v1, but I'd still highly suggest wearing earplugs.  Shield detents are pretty stiff which I like, and I also high suggest using the Pin Lock insert.  DAMHIK.  The Sena system designed for the v1 incorporated wonderfully, I'm under the impression the Sena for the NeoTec II is even more streamlined and slick.

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I bought a Shoei Neotec II last summer.  It is the first flip-up I've ever owned.  As for how quiet it is, I never ride without a good set of ear plugs, so every helmet I've had (Arai, HJC, other full-face Shoeis) have been reasonably quiet, and the Neotec II is no exception.  It also has an internal drop-down sun shade, which is very convenient.  I also bought the integral Sena SRL comm system, which works well, and is easy to install.

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Thanks Mark for the feedback. I too always ride with ear plugs, and like for you it has made a significant difference with each helmet I have owned. 

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I have had the Neotech II since last April, and have about 20,000 miles on it so far on a 2016 FJR.

The Neotech II is very hot in the summer, and fogs up like a son of a gun in ANY moist air -  due to the chin guard they put in to decrease the noise. The guard is removable, but then the noise level can go up, depending on how your windshield works for deflecting the air. It does come with the Pinlock, which should eliminate the fogging.

It also irritates my forehead for some reason. I have used full Shoei in the past, and had no discomfort whatsoever...They may have changed the helmet shape somewhat. It felt fine out of the box, but my first long ride was miserable. I rubbed the forehead piece with a baseball to compress it, thinking I was having trouble with the shape, but it doesn't help. I have to rotate the front of the helmet up to get it slightly off my forehead, and that seems to help some. After the Butt Lite, my forehead peeled from the irritation. 

The new Sena SRL for the Neotech II has a big drawback for those who ride a lot of hours: it cannot be charged while in use. Of course, you can charge it while you stop for breakfast and lunch...

I just mounted my Sena 20S to the side of the helmet using the usual clamp system. You just have to move it a little farther back than it might be on some helmets. And you can charge it at any time.

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Hi Flars, thanks for the feedback. It gets hot and humid in the summertime here in the New York City riding area. What size Neotec II did yo get and what is your regular sized helmet in the Shoei's you have ridden in the past?

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In my full face helmets in addition to ear plugs I also wear a light skull cap to keep the sweat off of the liner. I'm wondering if this might help you if you do not wearing one now.

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11 hours ago, flars said:

I have always worn a Medium in Shoei and HJC. The Medium Shoei fits well. It just irritates the snot out of my forehead.

Try replacing the standard liner with a thinner one!

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I wore a Slik skull cap for years, until I left it in the hallway at a hotel during a rally. I can't wear the new versions because they all have a seam at the front that irritates my delicate little head. And I have tried six different manufacturers including LD Comfort.

I also bought a different  Shoei liner (at $50), and it was worse. My next effort will probably involve gluing in a piece of silk .

The good thing about the irritation is that it gives me something to think about on those 375 mile runs from gas station to gas station.

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Amazon has silk liners such as this one  CHARM Silk Kufi Hat Skull Cap - Mens Beanie Hat Handmade in Japan Stretchy

and  a silk liner from Schampa.   Schampa.com also has a mesh and stretch cap as well.  Hope these help.

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Francis, SLIK is (was) a brand name.  They were a great product.  Unfortunately no longer in business.  Liners made of silk are similar but SLIKS  were great in hot weather.  Silk, not so much.

Riders Warehouse has a coolmax liner currently advertised for $12 that looks good.  You can never tell till you buy one unfortunately.

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I have a couple of Sliks from 20 years ago when I was riding Harleys and they still work great under a helmet.  Recently I was on a ski trip and noticed in the shops very thin liners to be worn under ski helmets that are now the norm.  They looked well made and thin, without seams.  You might do a search on those.



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test before you buy, because I'm really disappointed at how much noisier a modular is than a full-face.........this is my first

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If you have a Shoei head like I do, the Neotec 2 is super quite. My Shoei Air is actually louder than the Neotec 2 and the 2 is much quieter than the Neotec 1 of course.


I ride a R12RS and sit behind a Wunderlich touring screen.

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Hello Francis,

I realize I’m late to this thread, but here’s my two cents. I’ve worn Arai full face helmets and they fit my head pretty well. My current helmet is a Neotec 1. I like that I don’t have to remove my glasses putting on the Neotec. It fits my head pretty well, but there can be a very slight pressure line right at my forehead at the lower edge of the EPS at the top of the eyeport when I first put it on. After a bit of time, it settles into place. I don’t think it’s the quietest helmet however. I ride an RTW and have mounted Real Shelby’s QuietWerks windshield. It works as advertised. 


Ive also added two layers of Dynamat sound absorbing matting, cut to fit in the ear pockets. I’ve also removed foam from  the back of the ear pad that fits in the pocket and removed some of the EPS to make room for my Dumbo like ears (took away the pressure point on my ear from my glasses). The Dynamat does work!  I got ~8” x 8” squares from Summit Racing for under $20, and cut pieces to fit in and around the pocket. I also wear custom molded ear plug/speakers from Fit-Ear (fit-ear.com). 


Together, I can have a hard time hearing conversation even with the motor off. But at speed, with windshield adjusted, I don’t have to turn up the volume to listen to my iPod, and I find I’m less fatigued after a long ride. 


So my thoughts are- find the helmet that fits your head the best first. Then add other things that will reduce the noise. 


Good luck!


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I picked up a Bell Revolver Evo cheap a few years ago.  Very loud and very uncomfortable, but the flip up feature is so convenient I do find myself wearing it quite a bit.  My friends have Sharks and I've only done a quick ride with one, but it struck me as more comfortable and quite a bit more quiet.


My full face is a Shoei Qwest I picked up on closeout a few months back and its half as loud and lacks the whistling around the seams.



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Hi Scott, thanks for the tip. I had the opportunity this past weekend to try on a Schubrerth C3 helmet. Wow was it heavy and tended to pull my head forward.  I was so surprised how heavy it was and how it would require a lot of neck strength to keep it on for a long days ride. With the visor up it was quite forward-leaning biased. 

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Now you'll feel the weight of the chin bar when its in the up position but once snapped in place, it shouldn't feel much different from a regular full-face helmet.  

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