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In the past 2 years all of my riding gear has had to be replaced. Old gloves split everywhere, helmet is 9 years old, boots fell apart and the suit had seen better days. Not that the old stuff was uncomfortable

but all the new gear is stiff and tight. 

I spend the vintesr wearing the new stuff around the house breaking it in. Wore  the gloves while watching TV using a hand exerciser , see I exercise too!!  Boots worn when we walk the dogs.

As I type I have on my new Shoei RF1200, snug but getting better by the minute.

All this so the first ride of the season will be smooth and comfortable one.

Nothing worse that being 100 miles out with a painful hat..

What do you do with your new gear to make it "fit like a glove??"

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3 hours ago, mrzoom said:

What do you do with your new gear to make it "fit like a glove??"


Nothing.  In my experience as a grunt, boots should NEVER have to be broken in, if you fit them "close enough" (I can go half small to half big in the same brand and still be fine), you should be able to hump it miles with no issues.  I've put new boots on and completed an 18 mile forced march that very morning with all equipment.  Running shoes fall in the same way as never broken it, put them on, run five miles, if any issues, you got the wrong shoes/boots to begin with.


Gloves, same thing put them on, go to work.


Helmet, meh, suck it up until it conforms, that's really the only thing that I've ever had to wait until it "felt" right.

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learned this trick a while back for new helmet...those little bitty basketballs.  Stick one in the helmet, air it up, let it sit 3 days..helmet broken in.  Be careful with inflation as don't want to damage helmet.

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When I get a new helmet, I get it home in its box and then put a movie on Netflix or a DVD and wear the helmet while the movie is on.  If after two hours of no pain, I''m good to go.  The rest of the gear, gloves, jackets pants, it's on the job break in.  

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I’ve never had a problem with/need to break in the flip flops or the short shorts,  but sometimes new do-rags can be a little tight. 



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On breaking-in leather stuff, boots, gloves,, etc, soak them in hot water for 20 min, inside and out, then wear them until they are dry.  BONE dry.  I do this even with dress shoes.  The shoes or gloves will fit perfectly, stretch or shrink where they need to.  Ever notice how your riding gloves fit SO MUCH better after a rain and you wore them until they were dry??  


Some items you may want to preserve or "water-proof" them with something like "mink oil".  Smear it on with a putty knife then melt it in with a hairdryer.  Leather lasts at least 4 times longer, doesn't crack or split with oil or grease in it.  

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Like other have stated ... I usually go by the rule if gear is not comfortable from day one I send it back!   Boots,  gloves,  Jackets, Helmets.  All have to fit without issue or I will not keep them   That is what I love about Revzilla ... you can order a couple jackets or boots and if they don't fit like a glove back they go!  For me the key to MC gear is comfort since no matter how good the gear if not comfortable I won't use it. 

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I've done the trick of soaking my gloves, and then wearing them. Works great. Boots need to be perfect when new, same with a jacket. I bought s new Shoei helmet and it had a hot spot on top of my head. Otherwise it fit great. So I took a large spoon and compressed the area that was bothering me, and problem solved.

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