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HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Risers


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As we all know, motorcycles do not come from the factory as one size fits all machines, and all riders have different preferences on riding position. A slight adjustment to your body position can make a drastic improvement to how much you enjoy your time in the saddle during a long ride, and there are numerous ways to make modifications to accomplish this. I recently purchased a 2016 Honda Africa Twin, and during the test ride knew that one of the first upgrades that needed to be made was the addition of bar risers, as I felt myself having to lean too far forward reaching for the controls and it was making my back ache.

A new set of Tour Performance Risers by HeliBars were just what the chiropractor ordered. The power-coated bar risers are closely matched to the stock bar mounts giving the installation a nice clean look, and the one-piece design helps to reduce handlebar flex. The detailed instructions were clear and the installation went quickly if you have the right tools on hand before starting the job. There is plenty of slack in all of the stock cables and wiring harnesses which made the installation a breeze, taking only about 30 minutes to complete the job.

helibars 1

The HeliBars risers for the Africa Twin are 1-1/4-inches taller than stock with a 5/8-inch offset towards the rider, and while in a sitting position I immediately felt more comfortable and didn’t feel like I was stretching to grab the bars. While standing up on the pegs, I also felt more in control and relaxed due to the increased bar height and bend in my elbows. The HeliBars were a great improvement to the ergonomics of my bike and have made longer distances in the saddle much more enjoyable.

The HeliBars risers are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and are proudly made in the U.S. HeliBars also makes multi-axis adjustable handlebar systems for certain bikes. Check out Helibars.com for more information and to see if they make a set for your bike. MSRP: $129 (for Africa Twin)—other bikes available, too. Helibars.com



 Improved riding comfort  Slightly more expensive than other options
 Has a factory look
 Easy install

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