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BMW Roundel Reattachment


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The BMW Roundel Emblem on the right side fairing of my 2011 R12RT has detached from the chrome backing plate. Fortunately for me I noticed it before it blew off on the ride. It has a glob of white adhesive about the size of a quarter in the center of the Rondel.


Anyone have their Roundle fall off and successfully reattach it?  What did adhesive did you use?





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I had it happen on a 79 airhead on the tank.  I put in back with 3m 5200 marine glue.  I usually have some around the house.  It's kind of expensive.  Some 12 years later when I sold the bike it was still firmly intact.  I'm sure there are other glues that work.  I would encourage you to seek one that is water and fuel resistant/proof...but if you have some 5200 it will work great.  Next on my list would be JB Weld...but then you won't be able to get it off with a crowbar.  JB weld in maybe $5.  JB weld IMHO is the best all around toughest glue available for the general public.

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3 hours ago, duckbubbles said:

Another choice if you can find it is 3M Emblem Glue.  I've used it to repair the inner plastic tabs on my S fairing.





Morning Frank, Hotrod


I also use  the 3M   Plastic Emblem and Trim Adhesive as it is designed for that purpose. It is also what we use where I work to hold just about all trim, emblems, & moldings on.  


I like it as it dries fairly clear so a little ooze isn't noticeable, it is also heat & fuel resistant.

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Thanks to everyone for the comments and suggestions. 


@dirtrider how ooze'y is the 3M PE&T Adhesive? This is obviously straight up and down and unless it is pretty thick I think it may run and make a mess.  The 3M Marine 5200 that @Skywagon suggested is permanent so if the PE&T is not thick enough I may go with 3M 4200 which will come apart with some encouragement in the event it gets damaged and needs replaced. 



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Evening Hotrod


It is slightly runny but not like water, more like snot.  We use it all the time on vertical mounts but usually need to tape the emblem or molding in place until the Emblem and Trim Adhesive sets up for a short time.


Or, you can put a little Emblem and Trim Adhesive on both surfaces then spread it to an even thin layer, then allow it to set up for a couple of minutes until slightly tacky, then the emblem will stay where you put it on it's own.



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The Roundel is very thin aluminum and is slightly convex, it sits on the flat plastic chrome mount that has a ridge around the edge so there is a gap between the Roundel and the mount in the center.  I think I need something like the 3M 5200/4200 that thick and will squish and fill the gap since it is not a flat surface to flat surface. Pretty sure the tape would likely be too thick or too thin to fit correctly.    


I'll post back in a day or two and let you know how it turned out. 

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