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Sidi Adventure 2 GORE-TEX Boots


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When it comes to choosing a riding boot, what’s most important? For me, it’s safety first. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone would sacrifice safety for any other consideration, especially “fashion.”

When choosing a riding boot, you’ve got to consider a crash scenario: Thin, ankle-high, “comfortable,” or fashionable boots don’t belong on motorcycles where even a tip-over can mean crutches. One needs to be aware of exactly what can happen when flesh meets the road, especially at high speed. Making the right decision could mean the difference between a few bruises or being crippled for months (or life!).

I’ve been a big fan of Sidi riding boots for over a decade. And although my job has had me in a variety of other brands it’s always the Sidi adventure-style boots I come back to because I feel safest in them.

Sidi Adventure 2

Last year Sidi replaced my ancient Adventure Rain (the original version) with the new Adventure 2 GORE-TEX model. I’d completely worn out my old boots, and even had them resoled once in an attempt to salvage them for another season. But there were issues, such as the smaller and narrower toe box that I was never in love with. The Adventure 2 GORE-TEX is clearly an upgrade in several ways, but the most obvious is in the huge toe-box, which makes these boots infinitely more comfortable.

Sidi’s adventure boots borrow much from their off-road designs. Not quite as high, or as mechanical, but sort of a hybrid boot that’s the perfect combination of safety and comfort for most ADV riding needs, on or off road.

One thing that the Adventure 2 seems to have inherited from the Rains is the very noticeable squeak when you walk. It’s one of those issues that you’ll also find comments and attempted solutions for on the forums. Personally, I don’t mind it, but others will inevitably comment whenever I’m trudging around. These boots are made from several high-end materials that must move and articulate together. So, I don’t see any way around the “squeaking” issue.

I also find it necessary to wear tall socks as the top edge of the boots tends to chafe the shin just below the knees. But I often spend days in mine and although walking is more like trudging, I don’t find it overly annoying. These boots have slogged around creeks and my feet have remained dry. Waterproof boots are notoriously clammy. However, the large toe box seems to dramatically help with air circulation.

Over the years I’ve worn out several generations of Sidi riding boots and have also experienced their evolution from the relatively thin and armorless original versions to what they are now—essentially hybrid enduro-style, true four-season, waterproof boots. As I’m always shopping and comparing brands and build quality, it sure seems that the Adventure 2s are more armored and likely to protect the lower gams in the case of a crash.

I also find that the foot compartment is large enough to accommodate products like Dr. Scholl’s insoles, which radically improve comfort and endurance. I do hope that Sidi will come up with an improved buckle system. Although it’s far from a deal-breaker, the existing buckles do occasionally snag on an object and come undone. This, too, has improved over the years, but there’s still room for improvement.

It’s taken generations for ADV boot styles to get to this stage of safety and practicality. The funny thing about Sidi is that although I’m often offered other brands, I pass, because perfection is hard to beat. MSRP: $495 Motonation.com



 Serious safety and support  "Squeeky" to walk in
 Waterproof but breathable
 This is a quality boot!

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