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Another new member...


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Hello...  I'm a new member from the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California near Sacramento.  I'm a former bicyclist who can no longer turn the pedals around and who rides my BMW R1200RT to keep me connected to my outside world.  I began motorcycling only four short years ago...MSF course, small 250cc beginner bike, then a more capable Honda CTX 700 for touring.  My wife and I toured two-up on the CTX for a couple of years going all over California's coast and mountains.  It was a great bike to ride and to learn on but for longer tours it's few limitations eventually led me to want to make a change.  After a lot of research, shopping and more research I bought a new 2018 R1200RT in October.  I had logged 47,000 miles since beginning this adventure, but I have to say that at first, the RT was a bit intimidating.  Now, after 4 months of daily riding and almost 7,000 miles of "bike bonding", I'm certain that I made the right choice.  So is my wife.  After our first three day tour on the California coast, she was elated with how comfortable the RT is compared to the CTX.  


I'm a grandfather to four beautiful children and  I photograph as a hobby and keep a studio setup in my home.  I spent my early working life as a musician, traveled around the U.S. performing for over a decade and was fortunate to have worked with so many professionals.  I have a love of jazz beginning in the 40's be-bop era and beyond.  I also love to travel and have a home in the Alps of Northern Italy as well as my home in California.


I don't have the technical background in motorcycling that so many of you seem to have on this forum, so I probably don't have much to add to that aspect.  But, I do ride and tour in many of our country's beautiful places and will happily post ride reports of what I find when I'm "on the road".  



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Awesome intro! :thumbsup: 

Seeing that you have a love of photography, motorcycles, travel and music you'll do well here!:clap: Ok, now get snapping! :classic_biggrin: 

Welcome to the site!

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I almost bought a CTX700 last year after being off a motorcycle for almost 10 years. That's a nice bike but I am glad I opted to get the RT. Welcome aboard!

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Hey! Welcome on board...


Great introduction, you will fit right in.


One comment... yes there are many members here who are somewhat technical, but my estimate is that most of them learned while here- as they read, research and try- things.

There may be the occasional "Mystery" event and learning will occur.



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Welcome to the board.

As Hopz said, you will pick up the technical stuff if you hang out here.

I learned way more than I ever expected about motorcycle maintenance reading stuff here.

Enjoy your RT, it’s one of the best ones made. Mine just past 20K miles in 15 month.


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