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Has anyone installed the CQ Light/HID headlights on the R1200RT? Good price but I wonder if the R1200RT wiring is heavy enough to carry the start up load, as it has no relay switch and no power leads to the battery. Are there any issues with the Cambus system? What are some of the others anyone may have installed themselves? Where did you get them?

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Sorry , no answer but I'd like to jump on your bandwagon on HID in the hope of clarifying some things.


I think I am right in believing, from previous threads, that you have to wire the HID and associated ballasts direct from the battery and use a relay linked to the headlight circuit(s) to switch them on? In which case you have to fit a resistor in the relay circuit to simulate the load on the headlight cicuits or the CANBUS thinks the bulbs have blown and keeps warning you about it.........


Sounds like the "lower power demand" that is a feature of HID actually turns out to be a lot more because of the need for the resistors.... unless you can tolerate a flashing warning on the dash.....


And all this on a bike that already seems to have a bit too much load on the alternator with a small battery


It all seems too much messing about but perhaps someone who has done this exercise can tell both of us how its done and that there isn't a hidden penalty in power drain?



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I put HID on my LT and loved it. That installation required the relay and had direct wires to the battery. It also had a trigger wire. QC Light said when I e-mailed them theirs works on the existing wiring. It has a ballast for each bulb. It gets its power from the bulb wires. On the LT web site a bunch of guys are installing them and are having no problems with them. The LT does not have the Cambus system. H-7 is about $200. Check it out at http://www.cqlight.ca

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I put the cqhids on my R12GS in both high and low beams. They work great, plug and play without any issues on mine.

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I direct wired an HID (6000 Calvin) to replace my stock H7 high beam on an 05 R1200 RT with no problems with the canbus system. Love it. It can be undone and system returned to stock (although I can't imagine why) if desired. Check out www.bikelitez.com

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