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A place to stop in Virginia on your way to or from the UN


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Richard (Benicia RT-GT) and I would like to invite anyone coming through central Virginia on the way to the 2019 UNRally, a place to stop, play, or even spend the night.  As some of you may or may not know, in 2018 Richard and I relocated to the Staunton, Virginia area.   Staunton was the location of the 2005 UNRally! It is a beautiful area in the Shenandoah Valley, not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway, with great riding in every direction.


Richard and I will be going to the UN, but if you are passing through (Staunton or close by) on your way to or from the UN and we are here, you are most welcome to stay.  Our home was appropriately named “Nestledown Cottage” by the former owner.  Our home has 4 bedrooms, two baths, a nice front porch with a swing and 4 rocking chairs, AND a beautiful fire pit in the backyard to sit around and tell, and retell, your favorite lies/stories, all while enjoying a beverage of your choice. We have a big backyard to pitch a tent if you wish and a small garage that may have limited tools where you can work on your bike if you need to.


Located only a few miles from the house is Stable Craft Brewing, a great place to get a local craft beer, check out their website (www.stablecraftbrewing.com).  I can provide 4 wheeled transportation to and from if you like.


Please let Richard or I know if you are coming through and would like to spend a night (or two).





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Jacqueline - I did not know you and Richard had moved and now are part of the BMWST east coast community!   What a beautiful home and location you are now in.  I have enjoyed many rides from DC to that area of Virginia - great location!  I certainly hope some of our members will take you up on your generous offer to stop at your home on the way to the UnRally.  It would be a wonderful start for their trip!


I look forward to seeing you and Richard at the UN this year and hope you will consider making it to START and FART this year as well. :thumbsup:

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On 2/7/2019 at 11:23 AM, Endobobdds said:

 I have enjoyed many rides from DC to that area of Virginia - great location!

Richard was wonderful and agreed to move to Virginia so I could be close to these two little girls (granddaughters) ...


Richard is now working at Dulles, and spends some time (while working) in Fairfax.  On his days off he comes out to Staunton, and is always looking for new routes to ride.  


I too, hope some will take us up on our offer.  For those that don't know us or are new to the board, PLEASE don't let that stop you... we are very easy going and Richard... well he's one of a kind (big heart, no one is a stranger) !


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23 hours ago, 3Putt said:

Joyce and I are thinking of going north and then dropping in from Canada.  However, a stop over in Virginia at your place sounds much better!  We may have to rethink. 


Pied Piper to Va????


Depending on cosmic convergence,  I might make the UN and, if so, you could pick me up on the way out East. :wave:


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On 3/7/2019 at 8:53 PM, scout6 said:


I sent you a PM.  Rob



I sent you what I know, but I haven't ridden much at all yet here. WV never disappoints, and I sent a couple of rides I know. I'll post one of them here as well, just for the sake of others that might be spending a little time in the area.


A little half day loop close by. Depending on how far south you want to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway, you can make it a longer day obviously, however it might take longer than you think with vistas and stops.




For a longer ride, almost a full day with leisurely stops, WV loop from near our place: (Lots of options to stay off the interstate if desired!)


The map doesn't want to show much of the off interstate routes, so I'll try the direct link as well which seems to work better:



Supposedly the same route in embedded form, but the link above seems to work better!



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I'd also recommend checking out threads from when the Un was held here loooong ago:



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We would love to stop for a visit in October on our way home. We'll see you at the Unrally and catch up on our trip plans.


Dave & Janet

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