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More Pictures From the "Enough Already Tour O' Tejas"


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Byron, thanks for that great shot. I've gor the pic of me standing on the pegs as my PC "wallpaper" now! That was one of the truly memorable moments - Coasting down that hill on 337, head in the air, no cars, just takin' it all in.


Brian McGauley

'96 R11RT "Frau Blucher 2"

Charter Member, "Pie-Town Crew"

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Bill Rich was kind enough to help me post a few more shots of our awesome weekend in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. You can viewe them at:


As the rider in the group with by far the least amount of riding experience, I'd like to thank everyone involved for their patience, encouragement, humor, tutoring, etc. Seeing how skillfully these guys/gal carve corners was TRULY inspiring.

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It was great riding with everyone on Saturday. I wish I could have stayed with you guys for the second leg of 337. By the way, that was me listed as "unidentified" in the mug shot portion of your post! I definitely wore some chicken strips off the tires this weekend with you all. Steve and Bill can really haul a**! I logged 345 miles from my house in San Antonio and back that day. Man, the wind was brutal on the way to Austin.

I felt like I needed to adjust the preload after that Bacon Cheeseburger and Cheese fries. Don't ever let me do that again!! Anyhow, it was really fun meeting you all and seeing your RT's and accessories. You are all great riders and a pleasure to spend time with. I can't wait until we do it again.




'00 Black RT

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I have a cd cut of the pictures I took if you still want it mailed. Not 1/4 as good as yours. I dub thee official photo knight! Ride, click, ride!


We rode quiet, but carried big maps.

(Except for RTrider and his twobro's exhaust!)


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Ron, if you want to pick some of your pictures and wrap them up in a zip file, just email it to me and I'll add another gallery to our collection.

Watching you zoom through those curves riding two-up was awesome, man. I had a heck of a time trying to keep up with you. I never scraped anything, but I came into one curve pretty hot and got hit with a gust of wind just as I saw a rather large truck coming the other way. shocked.gif I actually slowed down for about the next two curves after that.

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Good pic's - That guy standing next to Brian in that one pic sure is ugly - yuck. crazy.gif


Steve McKinley

Charter Member "Pie Town Crew"

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