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R1200ST Battery


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Just wondering what the ST owners are using for a battery. There really isn't much information out there. I would like something as inexpensive as possible that will last at least a couple years. Please let me know what models you are using and where you got them!

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I installed a Yuasa YTX14H-BS in my ST in October 2012 and it's still doing fine. I keep my bike on a BMW charger in the winter, but usually don't put it on a charger once riding season starts unless I'm going out of town for several weeks.


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Hi Andrew, I've had FIVE batteries (including the factory original) in the 12 years I've had my ST that has 49,400 miles at the present. I've never had a discharge indication on my dash display so it appears that the 700 watt alternator is doing its' job. In spite of that my first 2 batteries didn't last too long. Factory lasted 2 years. Second lasted 18 months. Third (a Walmart ES14BS that I filled and charged by the book) that lasted 3.5 years. My 4th was a Walmart ES14BS that lasted 4.5 years connected to a AGM compatible battery maintainer bought at Walmart. My 5th battery is a Deka EXT14 that I'm trying due to good reviews of the brand.


I used to give the battery a charge every couple of months during the Winter prior to using the battery maintainer. My battery life has improved since the AGM (not float) compatible battery maintainer has been used. I suspect too much parasitic draw on the battery even with the ignition switched off during off season.

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Thanks so much for the help! I went with the Yasua battery. I was able to get a killer deal on one. Just over $50! Hope to get a good amount or years from it.

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