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K100RS intake condition

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Hi everyone. Working on a '83 K100RS. The bike was not maintained very well. So I am making some refreshments like fuel hoses, fuel filter, throttle and clutch cabels, spark plug cables etc. Valve check and TB sync will follow.


The air filter was not installed correctly. It was up side down and also the big hose coming from the air flow metering box was not fitted correctly. So, a lot of unfiltered air ended in the intake manifold and throttle bodies. I removed the throttle bodies for cleaning and I have noticed some dry grey and hard deposits in the throttle body for the 1st cylinder. These deposits are on the side between butterfly and intake valve. Very different deposits compared to usual condition on rest of the throttle bodies.

Anyone have a clue what could cause such condition? Faulty injector maybe?


Pictures at following link



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