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El Paseo Pics


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Wow, what a weekend--and what rides! I stopped a few times to catch passing riders and wanted to post them for everyone.


Randy E

randy e-snow.jpg


This is the Etheridge clan:

etheridge family.jpg


Unknown riders on Friday

Fri on the road.jpg


This is me on Friday

dave c snow.jpg


Unknown riders on Saturday

Riders in Snow.jpg


Saturday with Ken, Bruce, Gene

Fontana Dam.jpg


I also posted several pics at http://www.cantin.org/elpaseo/ including pics of different light mounts for those interested.



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Thanks, Dave! grin.gif Is that first picture on 215? It's hard to believe that just a few days ago we were riding through that stuff. It's 80+ in Nashville today.


Thanks for coming. That's a weekend of riding I'll never forget.

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Nice shots. Saw you several times standing in the snow, what dedication! grin.gif

Picture 5, the unknown riders are Tim O'Donnell (tallman) in front with Rich Edwards (RichBMW) next in line. These 2 boys from Florida enjoyed the weather smirk.gif and that photo is from 215 on Friday (obviously below 5000 feet because you can SEE the road!). wink.gif

Let's do it again! tongue.gif

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Yup, 215 just past the Blue Ridge Parkway. I kept looking for a good spot to pull over and finally gave up and just stopped in the road as I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot this. What an awesome couple of days of riding. I owe thanks to GENO99 for a great riding lesson!



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