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California Scientific Windscreens - Two Thumbs Up!


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Just wanted to take the opportunity to give a shout out to California Scientific. Some of you have done business with Mark Lawrence over there. I bought my first CalSci shield years ago for my '08 K12GT and found that it created a nice pocket of quiet air in the cockpit. I ordered one for the K16GT last year and found it equally effective, even if the bike's low seat was a bit too tall for me. Tired of being on my tippy toes, I finally had the stock seat lowered, with 1.75 in, of foam removed. Problem solved, but now of course the windscreen's upper edge was right in my line of vision. I emailed Mark who provided advice as to how to best determine the optimum height for the screen and send it back to him. He did a beautiful job laser cutting it down, asking for nothing in return. I would definitely recommend a CalSci windscreen; that cutout somehow just works!


And no, I'm not a compensated spokesman. :grin:

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Sounds nice.

Just for reference, could people describe their build, and what specific bike?

Then, the specific model/design of the product.

Thanks, best wishes.


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