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2016 or a 2014?


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I have a bit of a dilemma and am looking for owners perspectives.


I have the opportunity to buy one of two used WC RT's


A perfect 2014 with everything and only 1,300 miles (from a friend)

- The 2014 is $2,500 less than the 2016


Or, a gorgeous 2016 with the premium package with 3,700 miles (but no alarm or central locking)

- The 2016 has 26 months left on the warranty and is from the dealer


I have a refundable deposit on the 2016. As soon as i told my friend he decided he did want to sell his and made me a great offer.


I am leaning back towards the 2014 based on price, which will give me more room to add farkles.


In your experience is there any difference in technology or quality between the 2 machines?

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Not sure about the $ difference but you could check that the $2,500 discount for the '14 is in line with the market for a 2 year difference. Mileage difference for the two are insignificant. Was the '14 garaged and maintained? Was stored so the gasoline didn't gunk up the injection system? Maybe unlikely with this bike but low mileage can have it's issues.


I don't think there are any significant mechanical differences between those two years that I am aware of, so you are down to color and money.


As far as the difference in options, I have gotten to really like the central locking, one button click to access all cases. No more lock/unlock as you chase around to stow gear. Alarm system is a so what for me. Not sure that is needed unless you get an insurance discount. In this part of the country no one steals a BMW M/C.


When I bought my '99RT (before the bundled accessory package days) the dealer said save your money for other accessories because he had never head of anyone in the area getting his RT stolen. When I bought the '15RT the alarm was bundled with something else I wanted, or I would have skipped it.

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If the 2014 has central locking and alarm, I'd go that route. Save the $2500 and use that towards accessories.


I have a 2015 without those two options. The wife has a 2017 with all options. I'm really wishing I would have bought one with CL. It is just handy.


The 2016 doesn't have the transmission updates, so really it comes down to options.

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Mileage difference is negligible as is technology, but I'd definitely go for the 2-year-newer bike with 26 months of warranty, unless you must have locking and alarm. Color choice would make a difference to me but since you called the 2016 gorgeous that's not an issue.

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Thanks for the well thought-out input.


Funny thing is both bikes are the same color and both have been well cared for.


The 2016 has keyless start which has an appeal to me, is there a way to use a key as a backup in case the FOB stops working or goes missing?

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So here again it really depends on YOU! Everyone here has an opinion but YOU need to determine what works for YOU. JohnH raises a good point ... are both the same color? If not which color do you like best. For ME I specifically did not want keyless or Central Locking and I would go with the 2016 with warranty. But that is ME and this bike is YOURS. Presumably you will be living with the bike for many years to come so get what you like. Color and features are key to a happy owner. And while $2500 may seem like a lot now if you end up not loving the bike then $2500 would be a cheap price to pay. Go with your gut and what YOU like.


Then enjoy every mile!!

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Keyless Ride has a plastic RFID key that you slip into a gap on the dash and instrument cluster if the fancy fob is not working/missing. I keep that in a corner of my wallet. Missing both the FOB and RFID key requires torx tool to take the right speaker out and get it going, but I don't remember that procedure.


I'm guessing the friend with the '14 didn't put enough miles on to realize the saddle is not good for more than a hour or so, but if he did splurge on a 3rd party saddle that would be a huge advantage for that bike.

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Its close. I would go with the newer bike

-2016 has 26 month warrantee

-both same colour

-both low mileage


It really gets down to whether or not you want central locking as I don't this it can be added to the 2016. If you never had it before you will never miss it.


Also as the 2018s are out I would check on 2017 pricing and add that to your options.

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There are insignificant technical differences between the '14 and '16 RTs.


I see you have a 2004 R1150RT. If you love that bike (I owned one and it was flawless) and have had no reliability issues with it, that should give you confidence in the reliability of BMWs generally, and you can go with the ''14 and skip the higher priced '16 with warranty.


You can take the extra $2400 dollars and make the '14 suit you exactly how you want it, NOW and enjoy the bike to its fullest immediately.


Also, there is a general BELIEF among my numerous BMW riding buddies (some of whom buy and sell 2-3 bikes per year) that it is much easier to sell a fully optioned BMW motorcycle than it is to sell a 'stripper' because most BMW buyers want all the 'extras.' This might not be true in your market area, (I'm in western Canada,). If you don't like the bike, it would arguably be potentially easier to sell it.


If you are risk averse and wear suspenders along with a belt on your pants, then go with the '16 and buy with the comfort knowing you've got warranty to cover any issues.


Really, there is no bad choice here. As an R1150RT owner, you will be very, very happy with either bikes you're considering.


Good luck.



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I decided to go with the 2016, the 26 months of warranty was the clincher for me. (i may consider adding suspenders to my belt as well, just in case)


If the weather cooperates i'll have it before the weekend. Then i'll have to figure out how to post a picture.

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Do you know what everyone is saying here? Follow your heart, buy the bike you want. A little $$ either way doesn't matter at the end of the day.



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Regarding the photo with both the 1150 and the 1200, is it the photo trick or does the 1150 look to be much bigger than the 1200? (BTW, I would have chosen the '14 model if it was from a good friend.)

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The size difference may have been where i was standing... The '04 has a 2" higher windshield and was partially up which could add to the impression.


I have no regrets going with the more expensive '16 because of the 19 months of warranty that came with it. I told my friend he would be crazy his '14, he just needs to ride it more.


I've put 1,100 miles on it in 3 weeks and am amazed at this bike compared to the '04

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