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cycle towed but missing side case


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A couple of weeks ago, I was in Sequoia Park, camping as I usually do at this time of year. Unfortunately, on my last day of hiking, Friday, 8/25, I was in the Stony Creek area when I broke my leg. Took a few hours, but eventually I was rescued by helicopter and flown to the Stony Creek Market parking lot to meet up with the ambulance. That was where I had parked my bike which I had to leave when the ambulance delivered me down to the hospital in Fresno. When I left, the bike was there, covered, fork lock on and a disk lock on the front wheel.


Today, I had a tow truck go up and retrieve it for me. When he delivered it, I found that the right side case (with a deep lid) was missing. Don't know what could have happened to it, but it wasn't there when the driver got there. I had one of the search and rescue people retrieve my jacket from the bag to take in the ambulance and I have a feeling he didn't securely close the bag. At some point in the ensuing days, someone walked off with the bag. I'll have to replace it when I can actually walk again.


If anyone comes across a "bag for sale" with a deep lid, I would like to know because I mean, what are the chances?


I'll be laid up for a few months but am recovering. It will just be a long slog.


That's my story. . .


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Sorry to hear. Hope you recover well. It's always interesting when we entrust others with our property. Especially our motorcycles! I frequent the buy/sell forums often. I'll keep my eyes open. What year model color...


Get well soon. :wave:



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thanks all.


I ride a 2004 R1150RT and it was the standard black right case but I had put on the deep lid.


I'm recovering ok, but it just takes a lot of time to heal. I was told although with the rod in it, it can bear weight, it will take at least 3 months for the bone to really heal. And in the meantime I have some exercises to do and a walker to use to shuffle around for a little while. I think I'm making pretty good progress and hope to trade the walker in for a cane next week. After that maybe I can go up stairs and make it to my study and bedroom. Looking forward to having my "real" computer to work with again. And getting rid of the rented hospital bed and sleeping in my own. I go for follow-up xrays and doctor consult next week and am keeping my fingers crossed.


Thanks again,


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