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2017 RT - Audio for Dummies


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As you know, the usefulness of the bike speakers are somewhat limited. So, I'm looking for the simplest and most painless way to get audio into my helmet. I just want to listen to tunes from the bike's radio or an MP3 player. I don't have Nav. I don't need communication capabilities. I'm also quite technically challenged when it comes to these things, so some of the discussions that have already been posted here fly right over my head.


Please advise. Thanks.

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I think the speakers are useful and fulfill all my needs, for sure, especially since I installed a Werks Quietride wind screen. And no screwing around with wires and bluetooth technology.


Just my opinion.



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Take a look at this Mottochello unit. Motochello


I installed it, ran a stereo extension cable through a gap in the bodywork and just plug my earbuds in. Connecting an iPod or iPhone to the bike with the BMW music/media adapter gives you access to everything with the radio and wonderwheel controls.

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I bought a Schuberth M1 helmet with optional Cardo Bluetooth receiver/amplifier.


The helmet has speakers in it standard & the Cardo unit pairs with any Bluetooth device.


I pair it to my iPhone, iPad, iPod or Samsung S7 cell phone which I throw in the glove box or a saddlebag and can listen all day long. No wires are involved.


When the riding gets fun or you need your full attention to the road, a one gloved finger touch and you can turn it off, adjust volume or forward it to next tune/podcast etc.


No messing with the bikes system & it sounds great, even with earplugs in.


Only tip is to read the Cardo manual first & completely.

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