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Tire Pressure Gauge/Mini Compressor


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I'm looking for a quality, reliable/accurate digital tire pressure gauge- one that I can attatch to a mini compressor to air-up my RT while traveling. Any ideas. I'd also like recommendations on a good mini compressor as well. Thanks! :)


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I have a the small motopump and it is holding up quite well. They also have a larger model with a built in gauge with a backlit display - looks pretty sweet if you have the space and cash.


The owner is active on ADV and offers sales there from time to time.

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I've had a MotoPumps Mini Pro Deluxe for 1 1/2 years, and it has performed well. I especially like that it has an integral pressure gauge (one less thing to lug around), and the hose screws onto the valve stem (I lose a lot less air than I used to). The pressure gauge is not a digital readout, it's a line on a scale.


Before getting this, I used a CyclePumps inflator, along with their EasyAir gauge.

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Look at offering from BestRest products.




The CyclePump and the easyAir tire gauge.






The Slime Powersports Inflator is a budget option,but longevity is ?




Wow!!! When I was Jeeping and airing up 37" tires from 8psi to 32psi after a trail ride, I wasn't spending that kind of money on a pump.


A cheap slime pump held up for several years while on the trails, sure takes a bit longer, but for here, we're talking motorcycle tires, a couple of minutes and back on the road.


I currently have the Slime Powersports in the smuggler's spot on the RT. Took it out of the case and placed it there. $30 on Amazon.



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The Motopumps Airshot is just a little more than the Slime when it's on sale, and is a bit smaller (I think the carry case for the Airshot, holding the pump and basically the same accessories that come with the slime) is roughly the size of the Slime pump/shell itself.


I've seen lots of folks say good things about the slime and considered that, but decided to spend a bit more, support a rider's business - all that. I've been happy with my choice, and it's nice to know that if I do have a problem I can send a PM to the "head of the company"...

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I've got the no-housing pump from Aerostich, and an in-line analog gauge that Aerostich apparently no longer includes. It looks like the one BestRest sells. I've used these a couple of times on flat tires with great success. The gauge gives the same reading as my expensive digital gauge.

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Thanks everyone! Just ordered the MotoPumps Airshot pump. Seems like a good piece of equipment and I'm sure it'll work better than my beaten up, older Slime. Still considering pressure gauges.

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Thanks everyone! Just ordered the MotoPumps Airshot pump. Seems like a good piece of equipment and I'm sure it'll work better than my beaten up, older Slime. Still considering pressure gauges.
I have an analog, dial-type pressure gauge that I got on Amazon. Curiously it has no brand on it at all. It just says "Tire Gauge" near the bottom of the dial. It has worked fine. After about a year it started refusing to hold pressure after taking it off the valve stem. I took it apart, cleaned the threads, and reseated an O-ring and it has been fine since. Readings on it seem to agree with the TPM sensors in the tires. I don't know if either is correct but they agree so I don't have to worry about it.
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I've got one of the bestrest units. Been working fine for years. Dunno if the extra dollar gets you an extra super duper pump, but is a top drawer set up. Straight out of the box the whole kit is set up and ready to go on any journey. Plenty of cord, every power connector you might need... The chuck especially, is five stars. Whereas most chucks you find on the cheapies are fiddly at best, if they even work at all. it really is a well thought out kit.


I got no complaints. I usually don't, when I spend more on tools.


Another pricey, but also very nice item is that Flaig pressure gauge at aerostich. LINK.


I've had a Meiser accu gauge (LINK) for ages. Another top drawer unit that will last a lifetime. The only down side the that the unit I have won't fit in the space available in my moto wheels. Thus I got the Flaig. (actually, I think one of those accu gauges is what bestrest sells)


I've had dozens of pen style gauges. It's hit or miss if you get a good one. The problem I always have is they simply fall apart. I did read a study somewhere which showed that even the $2 units at 7-11 are pretty accurate. But on the other hand, a handful of broken bits isn't very accurate....

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I have a 12 V slime pump that is probably 6 or 7 years old at this point. It is not the mini pump but one with a built in gauge. The gauge is fairly accurate and has held up over the years. It also has an LED light for dark work. I use it for the cars, bikes, riding mower, and the kids balls. I think I paid somewhere around $20 for it at an advance autoparts. While bulky it isn't too bad and I can always find room someplace.

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the motopump airshot appears to be the same as the dynaplug micro pro available from amazon. same pump, same bag, same accessories, different name stuck on it. $5 less.


no experience with either....

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Yes,same pump.

Your local CycleGear carries the Dyna Plug versions.


Over on ADVrider in vendor section Motopumps is having a Labor Day weekend sale.



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Don't think that paying more than $100 means you get a better, longer lasting pump.

Maybe you do, maybe you don't.




+1 Then again, some people pay a premium for a new BMW motorcycle thinking the won't have any problems. :grin:

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