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Riding home a new to me R1200R


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I have been looking for a hexhead for a while. I found one at Hourglass Cycles in Buford GA a bit north of Atlanta. 2009 R1200 R with ABS, Center stand, touring bags, on-board computer and windshield. Only 56K miles. The price was right and after asking around Marty Hill went by and took a look at it for me. Looked good so I made a phone call and worked out a price. I flew down to Atlanta on a Thursday night and Randy Ethridge kindly picked me up at the airport and put me up for the night. Friday morning he drove me to the dealer and waited until the deal was done. With all of the paperwork done I packed up, geared up and headed north. I did not do long days but I did stop just north of Charlotte to visit an old shipmate. I then headed to Virginia Beach on Saturday to visit with another old shipmate(old shipmates are good friends to have). While I was there I had a few beverages and dinner with Tytass and lawnchairboy. I made my way home on Sunday. All together just over 900 miles, it took 2 days for me to stop grinning. As a bonus today I received a thick package from th e dealer, the original owner dropped off the service records and they sent them to me. So special thanks to Randy and Marty for taking their time to assist and to Chris K and Selden for their kind offers. Here are the mandatory pics.










I do have one thing to fix The right side case looks like it came loose and rubbed on the tire. under the tape it is worn through in a couple of spots. It locks and stays secureon the bike, I have the ABS plastic and proper cement for it so I will repair it for next to nothing.



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Nice RT-Lite! That should be a lot of fun.


BTW, I think you have a screw loose. No, not mentally. I'm talking about the one on the hinge of the saddlebag in the photo.

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yes locking the bags on is sometimes a pain. I did the exact same thing with the bags on my R1100RT put the bag on, never realized I missed the mount on the passenger footpeg, and as with your experienced burnt a hole into the back of the bag. As with you, a little abs plastic teadiously cut to the exact dimensions and eventually three very thin coats of glue and it was unnoticeable.

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Nice RT-Lite! That should be a lot of fun.


BTW, I think you have a screw loose. No, not mentally. I'm talking about the one on the hinge of the saddlebag in the photo.

Yes I have a screw loose and I have to fix that bag too.

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It's sort of an adventurous thing to (buy fly & ride) a new to you motorcycle that you couldn't personally lay eyes on. Good job John, glad it worked out well for you! :thumbsup:




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Congratulations John!! Looks like you made a great find!! :clap:


(And can I just say I'm more than a little jealous of the fact that you got to see so many of my favorite people in the bargain!! ;) )

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Very nice.


Only thing I'd look at maybe changing would be to switch to a Parabellum Scout fairing/screen set up.

A little money, but great outcome for ride and appearance.

Biased opinion, .02.


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I had a visitor yesterday, Foot spent a couple of nights on his way north to visit family. We went out and did about 250 miles. This was my first opportunity to get out and put it through it's paces on the back roads. I think I will quit grinning on Thursday. I really love the way the R handles. I noticed a drastic improvement in my ability to hold better lines in the corners. Foot has ridden behind me many times and mentioned that If he did not know he would have thought it was someone else riding that bike. After going from an RT to a Vstrom the to the R, I really appreciate the capabilities of this machine. This one is definitely a keeper! Tallman, I appreciate the suggestions about the windshield. This one is set up for someone else and I get a lot of head buffeting at highway speeds. I am going to figure that out but that is for another thread. The one thing that scared me a bit is the tendency too lift the front end with over application of the right hand, I will have to keep that in mind. I hope to see a bunch of you in the spring!

Ride well everyone!

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Front end lightness is endemic to the hexheads when ridden properly.


Enjoy it my friend, we'll get together and ride before the season goes away.

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