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Sold my bike


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Sold my 2015 RT today....now what? Kinda felt bad to see it go because it is a super bike.

I just get an itch and want to try something new. S1000XR? What ya think? I had a couple Hex heads and a K GTL . Fun times...


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Not sure if this kind of ride would even be in your wheelhouse but if you decided to test one, Pro Caliber in Vancouver has an excellent mechanic named Shawn Smoak. Don't know him personally but he has a YouTube channel and the shop seems to have many happy customers.





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Think I'll stick with two wheels. Rode one of those things once. Not for me.


Yeah get it, only mentioned it because I thought I read in your for sale ad something about age being a factor in your decision to sell. (Could have been somebody else :dontknow:)


Anyhow, the newer Spyders with the three cylinder motor and the F-3 chassis are quite a different animal compared with the older models.



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They would be silly fun! :thumbsup:




"Max Output 8.04 hp @ 8000 rpm"


lol... yeah, not a bike for my fat arse. :rofl:


Haha I thought the same, one of my old friends bought a Kawi Z125 Pro KRT and said he was doing 63 mph two up!! He bought it as he still laments selling his KX1000 ELR 15 years after the fact.


These mini motorcycles are a big deal in Japan and all kinds of aftermarket performance parts are showing up. 12 HP will curl your eyelids back lol- not so much but they are pure fun and that should be what M/C riding is about



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The Grom is all the rage with the younger (mid-30's and up) riders locally. Lots of club racers own them for hooligan/town bikes, and for use as a pit bike at the track (to get around). When they get cheap in a few years I might be tempted.

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