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Pics of Dtool's party


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I've posted the pics of the rides and party at http://www.geocities.com/tbrian_2000/Dtool.html



This was a riding weekend. Group rides Fri, Sat and Sun averaging over 200 miles each day of twisty backroads. Each day led by a different local rider, but always at that fast pace. Who knew San Diego had all these great roads? Sorry I didn't get any pics of Sundays ride, but it was nice to meet Burton Briggs, famous for his highway peg mount. He was nice enough to bring a couple which were promptly snapped up by myself and Luky.


The BBQ party was a huge success. Everyone had an awsome time. As if hosting this event, feeding the masses and trying out for a Motel 6 franchise with the camping space wasn't enough, Dtool raffled off a bunch of goodies to the guests, making sure everyone got a gift. Fernando donated a couple of reflective kits, but otherwise the gifts were all from Dtool.


We sure could've used Old Rider, BigMak and Gleno, because Dtool loaded up on the food for the weekend. There was Honeybaked Ham, Honeybaked Turkey and BBQ ribbs. We all ate as much as possible all weekend, but there was still food left over. Where are the bottomless stomaches when you need them? Phillyflash and I also had smelly ceegars on Wurty's behalf.


Sunday was Dtool's 51st birthday. The man spent his birthday making sure others had a good time as his guests. A definate class act. Hopefully a few of you will send him belated birthday greetings.


Once again we were all reminded what great people there are on this website and how we all have that one thing in common. The love of the ride.

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It's great to see you all. Can't wait for Gunnison. Thanks for posting these pictures Brian. Sounds like Denny and his wife put on a terrific party.


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Brian, those were great pictures. Thanks for capturing some of our fun.


I do want to chide you about one of your captions though. The pic of Fernando and me was caught as we were discussing his next product: Sock Monkey back armor. Ever the serious safety maven, Fernando has grasped the spirit of other-specie cooperation, and is even now diving into the research necessary to protect not only the riding wellbeing, but riding RIGHTS of Sock Monkeys all over the planet.


When the idea was broached with him, you should have seen his eyes. Undoubtedly, the light was going on inside, the fire building toward unquenchable flame, the fever setting in. You can see from his serious expression, doublessly after several drinks to calm him down, just how intent his is on his quest to ensure the every Sock Monkey rides safe from here on out.


Additional thanks are due to Laney for her initial compassion at forging the first, the prototype Sock Monkey back protector and installing it for testing on the very rides your grand pictures chronicle. Alas, due to fear of copyright infringement, we understand why you didn't include photos of Sock Monkey and his mom. But, I'm sure that when Fernando gets those issues ironed out, pictures of this historic pair will be forthcoming.


So, let's hear it for Fernando, the "Sock Monkey Champion of The Word". What a guy!!

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Nice pics, Brian. Little by little I'm getting to know this great group. Let's see, I've met about 25 so far; only 2076 to go. That's a lot of rides ahead of us. And man, can Sock Monkey ride!! I just wish he would wear a helmet in addition to body armor, but, alas, that is a sock monkey's right.

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For those of you getting the error page, try back again an hour later. Crappy Yahoo/geocities has a 3 Gig transfer limit and apparantly you guys exceeded it in 3 hours. It should go back up after a 1 hour delay to slow down the transfers. Sorry. Maybe I need to pay for a real website.

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Good job again Brian. Looks like you all had a great time. Dinkie looks in prime form. Who ate the worm?

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Great pics, Brian! I really enjoyed riding with you and the rest of the hoons. Let's get together and do it again real soon! See you on Palomar! smile.gif


Oh, and thanks for the great pic of Magdalene and me. It's my new desktop wallpaper! smile.gif

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You were missed as well, bro. Howard and the gang stunk up Tool's yard with big 'ol stinky ceegars in your honor, though.


See you at Gunnison (if not sooner)!



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It was the usual bmwrt.com fun, although you and Gleno were missed. I look forward to seeing you at Cary's next Sat and I'll make sure bring one o' them smelly seegars. crazy.gif

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