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Touratech gone bust?


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So what I can work out from the German articles (not having much time as I have got to get ready for work), it seems that due to their massive success, including now doing development work for BMW, they invested 10 million Euro in new factory building(s). But the new factory building and equipment have got production delay issues causing low or no output. The production delays cause unexpected low cash flows which forced the company into this temporary situation.

I don't think it's a real issue. The insolvent administrator has great powers that the company itself doesn't have. As an example he/she will be able to put some serious fire under the asses of the builders and manufacturer tool providers that are involved in the construction of the new building. The Admin most likely also will have great weight with investors and banks to back off for a few months until this is resolved and the new factory building is up and running properly.


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Touratech is not "bust". They're in some sort of insolvency, and they will continue to operate, while they re-structure and sort themselves out financially.


As for Touratech USA, they are indeed a separate company, but since much of what they sell comes from Touratech Germany, they could well be affected if Touratech Germany changes its production schedules, reduces its product line etc.

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From what I have read on the matter, Alfred seems to on the right page. It is a temp situation to help TT to restructure debt so they can hold off for the new buildings to start adding profit.



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I stand corrected - hopefully the situation will be resolved and all will be well.


Thanks all.


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