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WolstenTech solid state time delay and latching relays

Bert Remington

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Bert Remington

Compact, weather-sealed time delay and latching relays with multiple triggers and adjustable delayed-on and delayed-off times and with spade lugs for $32. The time delay relays have several variants responding to motorcyclists requests. It takes him about 2-3 weeks to craft relays in response to your order because he can't afford to keep them in stock but you get excellent personalized service including circuit solutions.



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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Ended up with a work-around five years ago when setting up the 2012. I don't recall him coming up in a search.

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Another alternative, about the size of a quarter, for a bit less $$ is :




Many modes and customer programming options with and without a trigger. I'm using one for its most basic mode of delaying power to an automotive electric fan controller to prevent the fans engaging while starting the engine. Works flawlessly.

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Bert Remington

Those are awesome relays! And inexpensive! I like the programming capability. And their small size. 5amp will be fine for my LED loads. I'm reworking my schematics. Thanks so much.

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