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Garmin VIRB Elite action camera with GPS, accelerometer and altimeter

Bert Remington

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Bert Remington

I chose the Garmin over the GoPro for my track day Mustang because it provided location and motion performance data along with MP4 1080p video and audio. The camera records two time-linked "tracks", MP4 and data, which can be read into your PC and viewed as either a standalone MP4 like the GoPro or as integrated MP4 and a variety of "meters" (eg, speedometer, G-meter, etc) and tracks including Google and Bing overlays. The data feed is too slow for 6sec dragsters, kinda keeps up with 200mph land speed cars and is just great for my 125mph Mustang. It has both internal battery power (about 3 hours) and external power (USB). The camera is rugged, weather-sealed, has replaceable lens protectors and is easy to use. It has the usual automatic, looping "safety" camera capability. It has a nifty wireless remote where you can push a "take JPG picture" button while recording as well as starting and stopping recording. I've fitted 32-128GB microSDs. I haven't used the waterproof housing yet.


My experience with the camera on street vehicles is Ford Windstar (suction mount on hood, safety strap never needed) and Honda PC800 (RAM mount behind windshield). Vibration compensation was adequate in both instances.


I'm now looking for a location on my R1100RT (I'm not doing the helmet mount thing -- that's for off-road and bicyclists). The previous owner installed a nifty BMR accessory shelf with Doran TPMS, Garmin 550 and voltmeter but I think it moves too much (fairing flex) for the camera to compensate although I'll test it. Another candidate is where the antenna would be (it doesn't have one now); I think further forward would have too much fairing flex and further back too little field-of-view. I'm really liking front mudguard if vibration isn't too bad (the camera is 6oz so an isolator would be small). I'm not enthusiastic about handlebars especially as I have MCCruise on left and intend to add mirrors.


I'm going to convert the BMW power outlet to SAE (Aerostich 4203 $10, I love them) for camera power, phone charge, etc. Remote control decision depends on where the camera is located. I'll provide description and pictures when camera is installed.


I've only searched this website for mounting locations but didn't find anything that fits me. I'll check the MOA and ADV websites.

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