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28 liter top box lock ??


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Ok, I've watched the U Tubes, and searched this site for info but

I can't seem to find the magic release clip hole.

Can anyone tell me what clocking it is looking from the key ?

I mean is the hole at 3 o'clock, 4 or where?

I do have the key inserted in the open position or do I turn to the lock


Thanks :wave:


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There is no release hole.

It can be done by using a tool made from a section of hacksaw blade.

See my YouTube videos on that type of case , same as the 49L .

Here's a starter video on how the tool works.

Do not watch the vids on "System case"

If you can't get it I can sell you a tool or walk you thru the process over the phone.


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I watched the vidio. I made a tool out of an air saw blade.

No luck yet but I will keep at it.

Now I have the concept.

I changed 1000's of locks and tumblers in my former life but

none were as hard as this.

Thanks again.

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If it's hard, you missed something on the video or your tool is wrong .

I've sent the tool all over the world and there has been huge success.

I can email you some detailed pictures of the tool if you like.


Remember to lube the lock first . (Really, clean it out with WD40)

And with the case in the normal position like it was on the bike, you will always work with the the "hook" of the tool pointing downward.

Or of you like, email me a pic of the tool you made. Tri750@hotmail.com

My cell: 559-288-1490

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