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City cornering/Rural auxiliary LED "fog" lights

Bert Remington

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Bert Remington

I live in two places: downtown San Diego and mountain rural Descanso. Both have specific night-driving challenges.


In the city it is pedestrians (I'm being kind) whose situational awareness is often compromised. And then there are the wheelchair cowboys and bicycle gangs. So using wide-beam sharp-cutoff LED fog lights, I will illuminate either the left- or right-SIDE of the motorcycle while the individual turn signal is on and then for a few seconds after the signal extinguishes.


In the back country it is both narrow two-lane roads and unexpected debris that needs to be seen. In this instance both LED fog lights will illuminate both SIDES of the motorcycle.


Please note I said SIDE. I'm referring to a 60-degree beam angled 30 degrees off the motorcycle's lateral axis located a bit forward of the exhaust headers (ie, on chassis, not calipers). My Philips LED headlight superbly provides 60 degrees forward.


I understand motorcycles lean while turning but the sharp cutoff allows me to aim the fog lights upwards without blinding oncoming drivers. I've done this on other motorcycles -- it works!


I will use WolstenTech TDR-Ps for the City cornering mode and the EU switch installed by the previous owner for the Rural auxiliary mode.


I'm finalizing my LED fog light decision (size, lumens, price). When I've made a choice I'll provide pictures and schematics.

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