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Back! Sorry for the long absence, but I had forgotten my password and had login problems for couple of years? I just never sat down resolve it til recently.


I see much has changed around here. :/


Anyway I can once again post so beware.

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Welcome back, Guy.


For those of you not familiar with BamaRider, I think it's safe to say he's a Honda ST fan who interestingly decided to buy a 2005 1200RT (back when it was new) and wrote some fairly unbiased appraisals of the two as he used them for long trips. His website contains not only these views on both bikes, but some wonderfully told stories about his travels around the U.S. There being a shortage of new Honda ST's starting a few years ago, his latest sport tourer is a Yamaha FJR, which apparently has been augmented by a Honda CB1100EX naked bike for less strenuous distances. Even though it's easy to peg him as having a sweet spot for Japanese multis, his opinions and observations have always been well respected within the BMWST.com family.


It's a pleasure to have him back with us.

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Welcome back. I remember you, does seem like a while since you posted after I think about it.


Just need to get you on a new RT and a new FJR for a comparison!

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Glad to have you back. Always enjoyed reading your site and your objective comparisons between bikes.


Looking forward to reading more.


Welcome Home. :wave:

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Well I never really left LOL. I still enjoy riding my RT now closing in on 100k miles.


Nothing happens I plan to ride it out west in October on a 2 week cross country ride.

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Welcome back....... just started posting a little myself too, again.... after quite a long absence.


Trouble is, I don't have a motorcycle anymore, so not sure what to tell ya :grin::grin::dopeslap:

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Great to hear from ya.


I loved your video interviews of people you met while traveling. The young man at the gas station comes to mind.


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Welcome back guy.

I rode to Wayesville years back on my Royal Star to meet you and other ST guys at Sagebrush. Good meeting you then and good to cross paths again here.

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