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What cases !?


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Hi y'all...... wondering what side/top cases are your favorites on the GS !? I had the Hepco and Becker (or Krauser?) on my old GS and liked them, but there are so many more to be had nowadays.


Are the original BMW cases any good?

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The BMW Vario (plastic) cases are ok for road use if you don't mind side loading. They don't like dust though, it jams up the slide mechanism. (they expand for the extras you'll probably never use) :grin:


There was a good comparison review on YouTube of the aluminum panniers out there, but I couldn't find it again this morning. I think Bumot was the favorite.



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All 3 of my GS's have had Jesse side bags and the Vario top case. The Jesse bags are actually lighter than than the Vario bags. The BMW top case was the most comfortable for my wife so that is why I went with it.

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