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I dislike Marquez intensely.


Last two corners today he was crazy.


Dovi was lucky he didn't get taken out.


That is all.

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He had lots of practice trying to take out Rossi in the penultimate race a couple of years ago. He's also punted Lorenzo out of the way a couple of times.


He has world-class skills. But there's a treacherous and dangerous arrogance masquerading behind that choir boy face and I hope it doesn't end up putting someone in a wheelchair or a coffin. Him included.

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Agree with lawnchairboy and EffBee! Dovi is one smart racer, they said his soft tire would drop off, but Dovi proved them wrong, AGAIN!

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Dovi ain't no dummy ... from an interview with him


I didn’t expect him in the final corner, because there is no space, it’s not a braking zone. But I heard his engine the corner before the last, he opened the gas before me, and I knew he wanted to try. So I left the door open because if I didn’t he would have hit me and could have won.He was good stopping the bike and trying to exit, but I was faster.



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I don't recall who on this forum, a couple years ago, turned me on to the MotoGP app, but I want to extend my thanks. I used to get up early on Sunday for F1 on Speed, now it's MotoGP, Friday practice, Saturday Q1&2, Sunday the race. If I'm riding, it's all time shifted for me. Great Stuff, thanks again..

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The Duc's are coming into their own this year...Anytime there is that kind of long multiple straights...they are going to have a great chance. Put them next to Rossi, Marquez, Vinales, and even Dani on a tech course and it's a different story


I think Marquez is one great rider but today he was wreck less with not only with his chance but Dovi's as well.


I am Rossi, Vinales fan....Can't stand Lorenzo. My company was a major sponsor of Vinales and Rinns through their years in GP2....nice young men. Zarco is just about as crazy on the track as Marquez...and then there is Cal Crashlow... :) Mow them down Miller...

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