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Is a 2005 K1200S likely too much of a headache?


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I'm tempted by a 2005 K1200S with 8k miles on the clock that's for sale not too far away. I'm aware of certain of the issues with the earlier slant engine K1200/1300 bikes, but I'm unsure of just how nervous I should be about them.


I understand that there's a cam chain guide that should be retrofitted, and that the clutch might rattle.


It's not toooo expensive ( <$6k ), but if something nasty goes wrong, then that's not a bargain... It will take some time to go and look at it, so I'm doing some head-scratching and research.


Should I wait for a K1300S? They seem to be a lot more expensive. I already have two R bikes which I like, and I'm not 100% convinced that the K will be a good match for me. I'm tempted to experiment with a modest purchase.






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pedro cerveza

Hey Doug, I had an 05 that I put 98,000 miles on. There were some minor issues but hey it's a bike. First question I'd ask is "Have ALL of the recalls been done". There were a lot of them. There were several software updates, banjo bolts, rear suspension components, front suspension components, etc. Chances are there will be some unresolved fueling issues that can be helped with a booster plug or an AxIFied.

The K13's fixed a lot of the K12 bugs and idiosyncrasies. I've had 2 K12s NS 2 K13's. IMHO the K13 is worth the extra money. Now, the K Bike is a whole different beast than the Rs. More power than you could dream of, smooth and the induction noise is like music. You will be going a lot faster and wondering why people are not moving out of your way. I have a hard time going back to boxers. That said, 6G's seems like a lot of dough for a 12 year old bike. Good Luck!

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Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the reply. Around here, the K13 bikes seem pretty uncommon, and the asking prices are rather high. I think I'll go and look at this bike and maybe give it a test ride.

Should the dealer still be willing to do the recalls if there are any that haven't been done?



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Glad you are with us.


$6k is high.

He's relying on low mileage to raise prise.


IF proof all recalls done, and bike runs perfectly, and doesn't need anything, and is cosmetically perfect, maybe negotiate.

NADA avg retail is $5790

Does it have extras?

Bags/seat/lights etc.?

How long since last service?


K 1300's with farkles are out there.




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