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total eclipse in eastern wyoming

Missouri Bob

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Missouri Bob

My wife and are going to drive up to eastern Wyoming the evening before the eclipse. I would wait until the morning of the 21st, but I expect that northbound I-25 out of Denver will be a parking lot.


Can anyone offer me a place to park? Nothing weird, no fires, no human sacrifices. Just a quiet place to park the car and wait for the end of the world.







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In Wyoming, just about everywhere is a quiet place to park the car and wait for the end of the world.... That's why they put it there.

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Actually, your post about fires and human sacrifices reminds me of a movie. "Race with the devil", with Loretta Swit and Peter Fonda.


Terrible 1970s movie about two couples on vacation in an RV, who happen to witness a human sacrifice while camping out in the boonies. Might've been Wyoming. They spend the rest of the movie running from the satanic cult. Terrible, but tons of fun, with great high-suspense Winnebago chase scenes. I think they even had some dirt bikes with them.

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