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Rear drive lube with moly paste


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It's time for me to do some rear drive maintenance and was looking for recommendations on products to use to lube the spline. Appreciate the advise knowing that apparently guard dog paste is no longer available.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Honda Moly-60 has been the go-to stuff for quite a while, but it looks like that's been discontinued, so...



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You might want to compare and contrast your various brands of moly lube.

The Honda is known to be the best one as certain of the factors of it mean it will withstand the pressure that is exerted by the splines. Some of the others, which do have some moly, may not do as well.

Look for the numbers.



Also those links are to the tiniest container I ever saw. I have a huge barrel (maybe keg size of the stuff. That ought to last me the next 150 years or so.

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