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Over in Oil Heads, they have an "archive for R-bike maintenance part data".


Is there anything like that for the K's??


Alternative parts and suppliers (i.e. Champion, NGK, and Autolite plugs with crossover numbers instead of the Bosch).


Paralever pivot bearings, K&N filters, EBC brake rotors and pads, LED bulbs, shocks, plug wires, on and on.

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Some - probably not much - might crossover to some Ks, but you'd have to figure which factory bits matched first. I know the oil filter on our K1200 is the same as the one on our former R1100...

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Pirate's Lair has link to common services, and more.

The I-BMW K bike site is very active.

BEtter place to run K queries, IMO.

(Not that there aren't very knowledgeable folks like Dennis around here :wave: )

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