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Diy toolkit?


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So I have a 96 r1100rsl that did not come with a tool kit. I am assembling my own and would like to know what came in the original+what you all think should be added.


Knowledge, thoughts, suggestion?


So far,

-Allen wrenches (not sure if I should include a full set or just some sizes

-Wrenches (see Allen note)

-Slip joint plyers

-17mm wrench/lug removal

-Hex head changeable screwdriver

-Hex bits (torx, Allen, Phillips, flat)

-Zip ties

-18mm (?) thin wall deep well socket (sparkplug)




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Here is my tool kit rollup, a mix from my R75 and the 1150.

Metric wrenches, feeler gauges, pliers, drifts, small magnifying glass, screwdriver, rotor removal bolt, small piece of emery cloth, points setter, allen wrenches, star head wrenches, spark plug wrench. Cordura rollup was best buy ever. Tried to add a pic, but dunno if it will come across.


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Wasn't there a company (or a person) that was doing turn key tool kits at some point. This happened somewhere about the time the hexheads came on the market with their reduced content kits on the bike when you purchased them.




EDIT! Found them!

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For the Hexheads, another good tool kit is the model specific kit Motohansa. Very good quality, suitable for routine maintenance as well as roadside repairs. I'd already made up a kit of my own before I found it, but it will be the first farkle I get for my next new bike.


I do not see a version specific to an Oilhead, but they do sell most of their tools as individual items.

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