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New HES Sensors

Roger C

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Can someone point me to the post where the poster mentioned he had replaced the sensors on his HES plate for practically peanuts. I would be interested to know where the sensors can be purchased, how they should be wired, and pricing. My sensors were trashed when my alt belt shredded and wrapped around the lower pulley and wiped out both sensors. This also fried my motronic. If I could put new sensors on, I'd have a spare.

The search function on this forum brings up 60 pages of postings but is not specific to the subject I enter.

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The replacement sensor is a 2AV54 Hall Sensor. There's a detailed Oilhead Hall Effect Sensor pdf document that includes removing and replacing the sensors. They rarely fail - usually it's the wiring - but in your case, they got smashed. The Honeywell part number in that document is no longer manufactured but the part seems to be available for sale. Price looks to be around $20 each (you need two on the plate) plus Shipping. The sensor is riveted onto the plate, so removing the old sensor and placing the new ones correctly is critical.

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