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Torque wrench-torx sockets


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Diving into self-service for annual maintenance. Looking for recommendation on tools; will a 3/8 & 1/2 drive torque wrench cover or should I add a 1/4 drive as well? What's a good range of torx sockets to have on hand? (already have set of torx bits) Thanks!

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These are basically all the tools I use for the maintenance on my 07

I use 3/8 drives except for some sockets that I only have for 1/4 drive.


T20 Torx socket

T25 Torx socket 

T30 Torx socket 

T40 Torx socket 

T45 Torx socket 

T50 Torx socket 

T55 Torx socket

T25 key (90 deg)

 8mm Hex  socket

 8 mm - deep socket

 8 mm - socket

 7 mm - socket

14mm - socket

15 mm - deep socket (For exhaust clamp)

15 mm - socket

16 mm - deep socket (ITC -Thin wall for Spark plugs)

17mm - socket

19 mm - socket

small adjustable wrench

8 mm key

10 mm key (x2 for throttle body sync)


Ratchet extention (6")

Socket screw driver handle

Screwdriver bit socket

Screwdriver bits

Oil filter wrench

Oil cap tool

Spark plug puller tool

Front axle tool


Torque wrenchs 2.4 - 145nm (You will not need more than 60nm unless you remove the FD)


GS-911 (turn off dealer service light on 08+ & diagnostics)


Hope this helps

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