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Bikeless in Italy


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.... only for the time being, hopefully.


As many of you know, Nina and I finally made the big jump, and we moved to Italy permanently. Now still wrestling with Dutch authorities, insurance companies, healthcare and other assorted leeches to get everything settled and save our savings :-)


I shipped the two Beemers back with the empty movers truck, and they are now sold. Unfortunately I got much less for them than I was initially made to believe by the Dutch dealer.


Soooo..... other things go first and I am not sure I'll have a new bike anytime soon. Which means y'all will have to be patient some more for new ride tales to appear.... sorry ! :)

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Not too far from Orvieto actually ! If we're not traveling ourselves (daughter's visit due somewhere in October) we can certainly meet up to chat ! We're an hours drive to the east.... look for Gualdo Cattaneo on the map :-)

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